Thank You - and You - and yes, You

Thank You - and You - and yes, You

Posted by Wendy Bode on 29th Jul 2017

Hello - Wendy here, Wanted to take a few minutes to say 'Thank You' to all of you that have helped us grow and grow this year.As of yesterday - our store is within a few thousand in sales to overtake … read more

Why We Love Weaver Leather Products

Posted by Wendy Bode on 27th Jul 2017

Over the years we have had MANY different tack suppliers try to be our vendors and we have made choices to turn some of them down.  I track this back to having Weaver Leather as our very FIRST ta … read more

Things We Believe at Lazy B

13th Apr 2016

1.God owns our business.We believe that God always puts us where we should be, when we should be there, doing what we are supposed to do.Serving is what God had intended for us to do and serving is … read more